Top 10 Payment Gateways In India – Reviewed

The tech world is changing every where faster then most of us can understand . The India web space has some serious restrictions with international companies like stripe and braintree not supporting indian eCommerce even though its 2017. In This list we are maintaining an always up to date guide of the best in Online payment gateway technologies available for the indian market .

Instamojo payment gateway Instamojo is probably my favorite indian payment gateway it takes a fresh approach on traditional payment gateways its core feature is 0 sign up fees and the ability to generate  links for payments. The UI gets alot of bonus points as they have done well with just 5 years of experience.

The success rate on Instamojo is also high and there customer care responds within 2 -4 hours.

From a Integration perspective we found instamojo is also easy to implement with most web applications and open source CME like majento.

ccAvenu would be my second choice. The only reason why they comes second is due to poor quality of customer service. They are indias number one payment system with some great options for international buyers but where money is involved customer care are fast responses are popular.

Billdesk - this one is not a bad gateway but UI is backword and admin panel is hard to use . They only provide transaction reports which are 3 days old.

PayuIndia : this one is used by most hackers in India as they are able make a transaction into the account and then move that money out. In a recent experience I had myself a hacker was able to use payUIndia to withdraw 40 k from my account and then transact it further. The payuTeam was pretty clueless and kept me waiting while they audit the situation which took over 2 weeks after which they said they cant do anything about the fraud : simply ridiculous - Payu as a company should be shut down as I feel they fund the hackers themselves - one never knows

razorPay - I personally dont have enough experience with this payment gateway

PayTM - limited and focused at mobile - also alot of fraud instances had happened on paytm in the early days but they have evolved. This will probably be a good second choice of gateway.

paypal india - very poor integration - I tried to set up a brain tree account which did not work the exchange rate is also very poor

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