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How to install Pokémon go on iphone from India / Singapore / Japan

July 21, 2016

The world is going Pokémon go crazy and there is a good reason for that. ITs a revolutionary game that brings back childhood memories and gives us all an good excuse to go for long walks.  It’s the perfect game for all children and middle aged adults who have passed the Pokémon era. The people who love Pokémon don’t really want to wait for it to official launch in India or any other country so in this guide we will show you how to install Pokemon go on Iphone from India , Pakistan or Dubai or any other country where it has not officially launched yet.
If you need to install it on an android device just search for Pokémon APK and download it from the first link you find on Google The best site is called APK mirror . It should run out of the box.  I don’t have an Android phone but everyone in the office is using it and it seems to be pretty easy.

pokemon go android apk


The Iphone is a little different you will need first go to your settings then go to general tab and change your region to either USA or Australia . I choose USA but I think choosing Australia might be better for Asian server and availability as the country has a very small population. During this change of setting, the iphone screen goes black for about 10 seconds this is normal.

Next you want to ensure you sign out of your app store and create a new account app store account using an alternative email. When it asks you for payment information.  Just choose none  and press continue. Do note you will need to put a valid US phone number or address. I would sms a relative or friend and get there details in advance if possible or you can just search for a random address on the web.
Later when the game gets launched in India or in your country you can simply log back into your original apple ID delete the US version and re install it . Your data won’t get lost as you will use a Google id to save your progress in the cloud.
note: You will also need to keep switching apple store ID if you want to update any of your original apps I haven’t really update mine for over a week and it has no real effect in the short term.