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  • : Pickahome.com
  • Client Name
  • : Vivek Agarwal
  • Location
  • : Gurgaon New Delhi
  • Project Status
  • : Live
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  • : Currently Working
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  • : Pickahome

Pickahome is a dedicated property service working to help streamline and clean the property process between buyers and sellers . From the start we always wanted to develop a site with a modern approach.

Concept Pickahome aims to develop a property portal that does not allow agents to interact with buyers - Pickahome Itself has a team that will represent all buyers and sellers. Cleaning out and improving the legality aspect of the Indian Property Business.
What We Did

We achieved great things with pickahome – with our main competitor being housing.com, magicbricks.com and common floor we had to develop the site that offer smarter searches. Mindmyweb designed a layout that focuses on SEO and gives detailed locality profiles like never before. The content strategy lead to some exciting designs which when finalized made the foundation of what pickahome is today. We continue to improve this site to be more user friendly and deliver its core products with detail. We took this challenge as a great opportunity to show that startups should focus on content quality over delivery. With pickahome being restricted to Gurgaon and Delhi NCR we were able to make a more focused start with advertising and content .



Photography / Live Action Mindmyweb had to research panoramic imagery and work with Vectorphotography to take panoramic from an Arial view point using a go pro. We achieved great success in our final product and our efforts were paid off after almost 6 months of hard work and multiple drone crashes