International Steel Service Inc.
  • Project
  • : International steel services/AMROX
  • Client Name
  • : International steel services/AMROX
  • Location
  • : Pittsburgh USA
  • Project Status
  • : Completed
  • Project Timeline
  • : 4 months
Concept ISSI is a large multinational specializing in the design, construction and operation of hydrochloric acid (HCL) recycling facilities. Amrox is a part of ISSI and between the two company's they manage distribution of approximately 30% of the world's iron oxide distribution.
What We Did

With ISS we came up with a whole new look for this US based company dealing in steel manufacturing facility designs . We focused on developing a site that is core to the brand. We outlined the design process and created a two color navigation system to present the sub brands. We also designed a quick intro video for the company, to be used by them for internal documentation.